Wellcelium Teacher Maxwell Pearl

Maxwell Pearl

Max Pearl brings contemplative practice and neuroscience together to support the trans and gender-expansive folks love of themselves and their bodies.


I have a Ph.D in Neuroscience from Case Western Reserve University, and a Certificate of Theological Studies from Pacific School of Religion, in Berkeley. I was an HIV/AIDS educator and advocate from 1985-1995. I have been practicing Buddhist meditation since 1990, and have done numerous meditation retreats. I have also taken numerous trainings by Gay and Katie Hendricks, Body Trust, and Body Electric School, and have done multiple retreats in varied embodiment modalities including Authentic Movement.

I have been teaching contemplative practices since 2005. Prior to transitioning, I co-founded Conscious Girlfriend, where I coached individuals and couples, and taught numerous courses and workshops on emotional awareness, self-love, communication, and relationships.

Embodiment, and learning to explore our erotic beings, can be a challenge for trans and gender-expansive folks – because our bodies have often been places of conflict, both internally and externally. Contemplative practices can help us navigate our way to full acceptance and love of our bodies.

My own process of learning to love my body as a trans man, and learning to explore my erotic potential has been made possible by my contemplative practice, and I am excited to bring this learning and healing work to others.

Pronouns and identities:

He/Him/His, Black trans man

Why I’m here:

My mission in life is to create more joy and love in the world by helping people, particularly marginalized people, to learn how to fully love and accept ourselves as we are, live deeply into our lives and bodies, and find joy and compassion. If you have been struggling with loving your body and yourself as you are, I’ve been there, and deeply know and understand that struggle. I want to share tools and techniques that can allow you to come to more fully accept and love your body and who you are in the world.


Coming Home to our Bodies

If you identify as Trans or Gender-Expansive and long to inhabit your body without judgement, click here to find out what’s possible for you.


  • The healing of contemplative practice
  • Neuroscience and inner emotional experience
  • Trans embodiment
  • Ph.D. Neuroscience
  • Certificate of Theological Studies

“Conscious embodiment is a journey and practice. Start small. In this very moment, see if you can notice any sensations in your body. Notice any emotions that arise. You can learn to greet these sensations and emotions with curiosity and compassion. That is the journey toward full embodiment.”

– Maxwell Pearl