All Are Welcome Here

We are here to support your erotic wellness and sexual freedom. We want you to experience transformative delight, evolve your love relationships, and live your most expressed intimate life.


Our vision at Wellcelium is an erotically well world. Earth is a pleasure garden, with all species playing nice with one another.

We envision a relational web, based on mutual respect, kindness, and reciprocity, including both humans and other-than-humans.



Our mission is to provide you pragmatic, skill-based and relational learning.

We help you to come home to your body, develop skillful, loving relationships and reclaim your sexuality on your terms!

Our Guiding Pillars


World Class Teachers

Leading-edge Curriculum

Earth Honoring Principles



Our vision at Wellcelium is an erotically well world. Earth is a pleasure garden, with all species playing nice with one another.

We envision a relational web, based on mutual respect, kindness, and reciprocity, including both humans and other-than-humans.


Bio-diversity is a key factor in ecosystem health. Diversity is necessary for thriving human ecosystems. We welcome all kinds of students and teachers at Wellcelium, because it matters.

We explicitly welcome you if you are gender-blessed / on the trans spectrum, older, a person of color, LGBT or queer, fat, disabled, single, or in any way marginalized.

We welcome you if you are excited to be in learning space with others with a wide diversity of experiences. And we’re serious about it: we protect the marginalized, and will quickly ask a student to leave a course if they are acting in harmful ways.

World Class Teachers

Let’s face it, we’ve all had terrible teachers. And many of you have had less-than-awesome experiences signing up for online classes, only to drop out and feel badly.

That’s why we bring you talented educators, who make learning joyful and fun. Our teachers know how to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Our teachers are also trained in helping you stay in the course, engaged and supported, so you actually get what you came for.

Wellcelium’s world-class faculty includes relationship counselors, sex therapists, sex educators, and embodiment professionals, each with a vibrant personal way of embodying Eros.

Each teacher is committed to excellent education and impeccable ethics. Our teachers complete Wellcelium’s signature teacher training, taught using the same model as all our online classes. Teachers get to “be the student” while developing brilliant curriculum especially for Wellcelium.

We offer teachers as role models who are emotionally and ethically sound, those deeply committed to their own erotic liberation and relational wellness.

Leading-edge Curriculum

At Wellcelium, we believe that you learn by doing an activity over time.  And in fact, any skill is learnable if it is broken down into the smallest components!

We teach using delight, play, consent, resilience and sovereignty.

We believe that  integration of new skills and ways of being needs to be supported, which is why we give you lots of tools to practice.

As life-long learners ourselves, we know that learning works best when it is systematic, structured and supported. That is why we love developing long-term relationships with our teachers and with you, supporting you across your lifespan as your sexuality grows and shifts.

We design curriculum for you that is fun, effective, and gets you where you want to be.


Our curriculum centers pleasure and joy as integral parts of well-being.


Our teachings are always opt-in invitations; we honor the unique path of each student.


We support you in building capacity to be grounded and skillful especially in tough times.


We believe spontaneous joyful activity is potent medicine for our whole selves.


We support each person in their right to sexual self-determination and erotic autonomy.

Earth Honoring Principles

You may have noticed that while we celebrate play, we are quite serious about supporting a well Earth. We want to support you in being skillful, openhearted, and relational.

Many of our teachers weave non-dogmatic, non-appropriative magic, ritual, heart-based sharing and erotic practice/celebration into class culture.

Connecting with your body means also connecting on a deeper level with the body of the Earth. Because what are you made of, right?

The Story of our Name

Wellcelium is a mash-up of two words: wellness and mycelium. Mycelium are thread-like structures that make up the majority of a fungal body. In other words, the far-reaching roots of mushrooms! Mycelium connect plants and trees with each other, help spread and share resources like carbon, and help communicate information between the green-blood beings. Recent science is showing that this underground web of communication is vital for the health of forests.

We imagine Wellcelium as a network of erotic wellness, that spreads around the globe. This network supports the sharing of resources, and helps human communication be effective and kind.

At Wellcelium, we are committed to personal and planetary liberation through pleasure. We believe that erotic wellness can be a far-reaching resource that reconnects the earth of our bodies with the Body of our Earth.


Art by Dean Scarborough

Spreading pleasure, on purpose

Wellcelium Speaks

Wellcelium summons the holy erotic! Dripping and swirling, undulating stardust, the hot wet web of interdependence of all beings, be welcome! We are in the deepest service to your wellspring of creative impulse.

Breath of breeze, sunlight strokes water, wind tickles trees, fountain of sweet honey in the hive, ripple of tides beneath the full moonlight, the thrumming pulse of the eco-rotic world shimmers and invites: “Learn to trust your animal body, your lust, your liberated desires and celebrate! Shiver and tremble as this good Earth embraces you, lover!”