Dr. Pavini Moray

Dr. Pavini Moray is the founder of Wellcelium and an experienced sex educator and activist.


I am an entrepreneur, somatic sex educator, and activist on a mission to help others get free in their bodies.

The most important thing you should know about my work is that it is sourced from my own story of living through and recovering from a less-than-ideal sexual life. I am also a survivor of sexual trauma. (You can read more about my personal story below.) I’m in a committed, conscious queer life partnership, and I know the skills necessary to create intimate, long-lasting relationships. ​I’m a somatic sex therapist who actually has sex, along with a deep commitment to my own erotic wellness.

My journey of reclaiming my erotic self and creating the sex life that I want means that I hold you with infinite compassion for all of the stuck places, traumas, and shame that lead you to me.

I founded Wellcelium with the goal of bringing world-class teachers of sexuality, embodiment and intimacy together, to create a world that is relationally and erotically well.

Wellcelium offers a variety of effective tools for embodied learning that help tens of thousands around the world experience more pleasure and a greater sense of belonging.

You can hear some of my favorite erotic role models on The Well-Pleasured Podcast.

My Story

​Now I am a Somatic Sex Therapist. But that’s not how I started out. ​

In 2008, I was sitting in my friend’s San Francisco living room. I was listening as he discussed his beautiful, intense sexual experiences with his partner. I felt a deep envy at the sexual liberation they enjoyed. I longed to be so open and free, so emancipated from my hang-ups, inhibitions, up-tightness.

I hungered to love myself and my body so deeply that I would allow myself to embody my full sexual being. Inside there was a deep intuition that liberating the body would lead to big changes in my life. I wasn’t totally repressed or anything. In fact, I’d already done a ton of work on loving my body and coming to acceptance of it.

I’d lived through a sexless decade-long partnership, left it, and had begun to reclaim sexuality. I underwent therapy treatment and recovery for eating disorder, childhood sexual abuse, spousal rape. I worked super hard on releasing trauma from my body. Body hatred was no longer a part of my life. I had embraced embodied spiritual practice. Welcoming in queerness and gender fabulousness was part of the process. I was having better sex. I’d explored kink, and polyamory in the sex-fabulous community that is San Francisco.

But still. I knew there was more, and at that moment, I wanted it. I yearned for it. I knew desire in my body for something I didn’t yet have, but knew was possible.

Sitting there, I wondered, “Why not? Why can’t I be sexually liberated?”

And truly, just like that, I decided I could learn to be. In that moment of revelation, I gave myself the gift of full permission. I could learn to say yes to pleasure. I could learn say yes to play, exploration, and great sex. I could heal my sexual challenges. There was no one other than my own self creating walls around me. I could learn to feel worthy of ecstasy.

None of us have managed to remain unaffected by the pathologized sexuality our culture teaches. So many of us have wounds, uptightness, fear, trauma, difficult or complex relationships with desire, or sexual problems. And yet our sexual energy is the most potent, creative energy we have! It IS the driving force in propagating our entire species, after all. What would happen if it were liberated?

I believe in my core that each of us is worthy of ecstasy. That each of us can heal from whatever hand we’ve been dealt in our sexuality. That our bodies are capable of deeper pleasure. And I want this for each and every one of us: freedom.


  • Somatic Sex Education
  • Ph.D. Somatic Psychology, Masters of Education Curriculum Design, Certified Sexological Bodyworker
  • Working with folks with sexual trauma so that they have beautiful, delightful sexualities
  • Embodied, joyful learning


  • Ph.D, Somatic Psychology. Dissertation on ancestors and healing sexual trauma. International University of Professional Studies.
  • Sexological Bodywork Certificate. Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality
  • Sex Educator Certificate. San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI)
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Trauma Training, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute
  • Somatics and Resilience: Strozzi Institute Somatics training
  • Master’s of Montessori Education, Endicott College
  • Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers, Professional Member
  • American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists, Professional Member
  • Conflict Resolution training. Sonoma State University
  • Educational Therapy Certificate. UC Berkeley​​

“Being good at receiving is a measure of your healing.”

Dr. Pavini Moray