Our Commitment to Racial Justice and BLM

This statement is from me, Pavini, the founder of Wellcelium. I have taken time to write this statement, to make sure that it comes from our deepest truth.

I am writing to make an unequivocal statement about where Wellcelium stands in relation to Black liberation, the dismantling of white supremacy, and anti-racist values and action.

We stand with Black Lives Matter in the fight for racial justice.

We share the beautiful and powerful BLM vision, ‘imagining and creating a world free of anti-Blackness, where every Black person has the social, economic, and political power to thrive.’*

Our values expressed here are held within a larger company framework of commitment to cultural healing and anti-oppressive values, and it is important in this moment to clarify our focus on anti-Black racism.

As a school of embodiment, we practice anti-racism from a deep, body-based awareness. We acknowledge the devastating somatic impact racism, anti-Black violence and white supremacy cause in bodies, especially Black bodies, families and communities.

We acknowledge that healing transgenerational trauma of this magnitude is the work of generations.

I write with the recognition that nothing I or Wellcelium is doing or will do in the future can ever be ‘enough’, and still we acknowledge what is, analyze and then take action, through which we are accountable.

We are a commitment to diversity, inclusion, racial equity and anti-racism, which means the team and I currently practice anti-racist values by;

  1. Tirelessly striving to notice where white supremacy shows up in our organization, discuss openly, and take action to eradicate it;
  2. Committing to a process of ongoing, life-long education, including resource sharing, dialogue and annual paid DEI training opportunities for staff, and quarterly check-ins and accountability to our anti-racist small business pledge, at which the team will collectively reevaluate company progress toward goals regarding Black liberation, the dismantling of white supremacy, and anti-racist values and action;
  3. Making a deliberate choice to use of images of erotically empowered Black bodies on our website, for the sake of disrupting toxic myths of Black sexuality and offering wonderfully diverse body representation;
  4. Contracting a global diversity of sex educators, and that means we deliberately outreach to Black sex educators.
  5. Practice ancestral prayer and ritual to heal racial transgenerational trauma.
  6. Helping Black teachers create financial prosperity through their engagement with us.
  7. Supporting Black teachers to create vibrant offerings that uplift their professional status, build their reputation and audience. We do this through free coaching and ongoing dialogue.
  8. Offering financial accessibility for our Black students. Our policy keeps our offerings accessible to people with variable financial means, especially but not only BIPOC. This includes robust scholarship options for online courses, and sharing abundant free resources.
  9. Committing at least 20% of our monthly operating budget to hiring Black employees, vendors and contractors, using Black-owned software and services and hiring Black teachers, purchasing Black-authored books and more. We donate quarterly reparations to a Black-run ritual retreat group focused on healing anti-Blackness. We invest in the Black community on an ongoing basis.
  10. Lastly, when we fuck up, (as we all invariably do in the quest for justice,) when we act in ways that are out of alignment with our stated values, and when we create harm, we are quick to take responsibility for our actions and our mistakes, seek to understand our impact, and work to make it right. We are willing to do the hard work of examining our own selves, and extending love and compassion. We are a long-term commitment to repair.