Coming Home to our Bodies

An embodiment course for Trans and Gender-Expansive people

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Register to Come Home

Do you want to find a home in your body?

Do you want to inhabit your body without judgement?

Would you like to have access to the pleasure of touch without complications or shame?

Do you have a hard time finding compassion for yourself and your body?

You may even intensely dislike your body as it is right now – and don’t know how to change that.

Perhaps you can’t find pleasure now in your body, or you find pleasure fleeting, because dysphoria is getting in your way.

Do you want more access to joy and pleasure in your body?

Do you want to become open to sensual and erotic play in new ways, being able to inhabit your body as it is?

For so many gender-expansive folks, our bodies have been the place of internal and external conflict.

Our experiences of dysphoria can be distracting, or sometimes even debilitating. We have lived our lives with our genders policed and criticized, questioned and targeted.

You may have the experience of dissatisfaction, or often even hatred, for your body.

You may have spent years wanting a different body. Perhaps sexuality has felt vulnerable and challenging.

Maybe even felt completely cut off from your sexuality.

You haven’t been able to truly inhabit your sexual freedom.

Whatever stage of transition you are in, you are faced with the body you have, in this moment.

That can be uncomfortable and hard to tolerate. 

Even if you are looking forward to changes brought on by surgery or hormone therapy, you may not get the body you really want.

We want you to find home in your body.

→ Learn powerful tools to shift dysphoria
→ Transmute body shame
→ Change internal stress to body peace

6 weeks. Trans led.

A safer and compassionate space.

→ Cultivate solid self-compassion
→ Explore safe pleasure
→ Find your consent
→ Learn how to know what you want
→ Navigate erotic exploration with self and partners

Meet Max Pearl, your teacher and gentle guide home

Max Pearl has a Ph.D in Neuroscience from Case Western Reserve University, and a Certificate of Theological Studies from Pacific School of Religion, in Berkeley. Max was an HIV/AIDS educator and advocate from 1985-1995. He has been practicing Buddhist meditation since 1990 and has done many meditation retreats.

He has also taken numerous trainings by Gay and Katie Hendricks, Body Trust Circle, School of Consent, and the Body Electric School, and has done multiple retreats in varied embodiment modalities including Authentic Movement.

Max has been teaching contemplative practices since 2005. Prior to transitioning, Max co-founded Conscious Girlfriend, where he coached individuals and couples, and taught numerous courses and workshops on emotional awareness, self-love, communication, and relationships.


Having such deep self-compassion that you are immune to shame and judgment. 

It feels good to live in your body. 

Your emotions feel balanced.

You navigate sex and consent more easily with partners.

This course teaches you HOW to have these things in your life.

And all within a container of deep kindness and presence of a trans and gender-expansive space.

Course Modules


Self-compassion and Curiosity


Paying attention to our body


Finding Pleasure in Touch


Conscious Movement


Learning about Consent


Erotic Exploration


Self-compassion and Curiosity


Paying attention to our body


Finding Pleasure in Touch


Conscious Movement


Learning about Consent


Erotic Exploration

You leave this course knowing how to create compassion for yourself and your sweet body.

You’ll have a toolkit to draw on for emotional regulation and working with body sensations.

You’ll also be better able to embark on safe sensual and erotic exploration with yourself and/or with partner(s).

Course Logistics:

  • Class begins: October 5, 2021
  • Course length: 6 weeks
  • Class date & time: Tuesdays at 8pm ET, 5pm PT

If you are ready to come home to your body, register here:

Register to Come Home
Early-bird Bonus: 30-minute coaching session with Max Pearl for the first 10 folks that register!
We have abundant need-based scholarships available, we invite you to learn more and apply here!
Frequently Asked Questions

This course is designed for anyone who is trans, non-binary, intersex, or gender-non-conforming. This class is not for cis allies or cis health educators.

The group will be mixed age, mixed gender, mixed sexual orientation. The age range is likely 25-65, and many will be some flavor of queer. The group will center marginalized experiences.

This class will introduce you to a set of tools that you can continue to use and can completely change your relationship to your body.

If you are in any way outside of the gender binary, and have at all struggled with acceptance of your body, this material will be relevant to you.

Each week, we’ll be in a course session for about 90-100 minutes and there will be some work outside of class – expect to set aside about an hour or two a week for homework.

Yes! All you need is an internet connection and a webcam!

It’s best to be able to come live. You’ll stay more engaged.

It’s worth it to you to try to prioritize attending the presentations, I assure you.

I work to create the safest container possible, so that you can be open and vulnerable in a group. We start out and finish with grounding, self-compassion, or mindfulness exercises. Any harmful language will be addressed, and there are a set of conditions I ask all students to agree to, including confidentiality, speaking with “I” statements, and others.

The classroom meetings and discussion forums are for current, registered course participants only, and are appropriately monitored to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

There are no refunds once you have signed up for the program. This program is designed for folks who are ready to make a serious change in their personal lives, and the financial commitment is an important component of sticking with yourself.

Community support makes all the difference. If it’s just you, sitting at your computer watching videos or reading books, when you hit a block if you are like the rest of us, you may give up. Being in a compassionate, vulnerable community with others doing similar work keeps you engaged, inspired, and showing up.

This is not a canned approach but is very much responsive to the needs of the group and the people in it. You can get more of what you need here, through the materials, the connections, relaxing into a well-held container.

Drop us an email and we’ll find a time to chat and answer all your questions.