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Where’s the Money, Honey?

Navigating money differences in relationship

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  • Libido Wars Couple Webinar
  • Libido Wars Couple Webinar

Do you and your partner have different styles when it comes to money?

→ Does one of you spend more easily?

→ Does one of you struggle to allow “luxury” purchases?

→ Is the breakdown in finances creating discord in your relationship?

You deserve a shared financial life that works for you both.

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If you are struggling with money in partnership, this free teaching offers you..

→ How money and sex are common (and interrelated!) couple struggles

→ How couples successfully navigate money togetherness

→ How you and your partner can be more on the same team when it comes to your financial dreams

Libido Wars Couple Webinar

Taught by Wellcelium founder and sex and relationship therapist Dr. Pavini Moray, you’ll leave this webinar with…

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A potent tool to talk about what is actually happening in your finances

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Get out of blame and into cooperation

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A new approach that helps you both get your needs met

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Dr Pavini Moray


I am a somatic sex therapist, and I have worked with hundreds of clients struggling with sex and intimacy, helping them resolve their issues and build relationships they love.

I support you in having more effective communication, deeper relationships, and greater embodied wellness.

I look forward to getting to know you.

If you desire greater financial harmony in your primary partnership, register for the live webinar below!

Join us on February 3, 2022 at 1pm ET / 10am PT

The webinar will be recorded and the link sent out to those who register, in case you cannot make it live.