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Step-By-Step Relationship Training for a Thriving Partnership

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Your relationship should be a place of care, support and love.

However, like many couples, you are struggling to connect. Bickering, fighting, snarky comments… or worse.

Lack of “getting” each other.

You feel lonely, even in partnership.

Not being able to talk about hard topics.

Money, sex, family, shared values… all can be sources of strife.

You and your partner deeply love each other, and are frustrated by the lack of forward movement in your relationship.

You have the same fights, again and again. You feel stuck in reactive emotional patterns. You can’t seem to find peace in the relationship, even though everyone is really trying.

Often, old stuff is in the way.

You want a relationship that is healthy, that takes good care of everyone and that helps you to live your best life.

You want a partnership that is intimate, deep, close and effective.

We understand the pain of being in a relationship that has tremendous potential not being reached.

Like many couples, you may be struggling to find a shared sexuality that works for you both.

In the beginning, sex and intimacy were so much easier. Maybe it was hard to keep your hands off each other. Maybe you had sex every day, or multiple times daily! There was flow and ease, fun and experimentation.

It felt LIGHT. 

But over time, sex has probably become more and more difficult. It sometimes ends in conflict, tears, anger or grief. You feel more disconnected from each other, and from your own body and sexuality. You wonder where that ease of intimacy went, and what happened to all the pleasure you were able to share.

If your disconnect has gone on long enough, it is possible that one or both of you believe yourself to be “broken” sexually.

Maybe your partner believes this, too.

If and when you do manage to have sex, it may take fighting as foreplay to get there, or a lot of emotional processing. Maybe one or both of you is “performing” sex, or enduring it, for the sake of maintaining the relationship. It might be physically uncomfortable or even painful when you have sex. It’s definitely lacking in the fun and ease. And perhaps it is getting harder and harder to live this lie. Perhaps the compromises you are making sexually are beginning to feel not worth it, and you have thought about ending the relationship.

If you are ever wishing sex would just be over, finding excuses to not share intimacy, or even faking orgasm, we understand. We have been there, and know just how painful it is to suffer around sexuality.

Your relationship wellness level has a HUGE impact on your overall well-being!

Ask yourself these assessment questions:

  • Is our communication usually clear and effective?
  • Do we respect each other?
  • Are we always honest with each other?
  • Do we always feel safe with each other?
  • Do we intentionally practice trust with each other?
  • Do we feel securely attached?
  • Are we are both fully committed to this relationship?
  • Do we share our most important values?
  • Is our sex life satisfactory?
  • Is the physical affection we share satisfactory?
  • Can we easily talk about what we both want sexually?
  • Do we always respect each other’s boundaries?
  • Do we schedule and spend quality time together?
  • Can and do we can easily say “no” to each other?
  • Do we each spend some quality time alone, pursuing our own interests?
  • Do we have other important relationships we regularly maintain?
  • Is this the relationship I’ve always dreamed of being in?

A thriving relationship offers benefits that impact so many areas of your life. And yet few people consider that they pay more for their health insurance than invest in their relationship.

Who is this for?
  • Couples of ALL orientations, styles and backgrounds who have been together beyond the honeymoon stage
  • Couples who still love each other, but are sick of fighting
  • Couples who have tried books, therapy, date nights… hanging in there, but not thriving
  • People who want to have the connective sex and intimacy they long for
  • People who know their relationship can grow, and who are willing to work to make that happen
  • People who see their relationship as an investment in their well-being
Who is this not for?
  • Folks newly in relationship who haven’t been through a hard season or two with their partner
  • Couples whose relationship is hanging together by a thread, and who have never sought help before now
  • People who don’t like nor respect their partner anymore
  • People who are too afraid of intimacy that they refuse to let go of resentments
  • Couples where untreated addiction, mental illness or violence are present

Ready for a thriving relationship?

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“I knew we still cared for each other, but nothing we were doing was allowing clear connection. A sense that no matter the outcome in our partnership, I needed to do this work”

– Well Couple Graduate

Impact of a struggling relationship

A less-than-optimal relationship means that you don’t receive the full support of a vibrant, nourishing partnership.

  1. Perhaps you feel unsupported by your partner
  2. You experience greater stress
  3. More relationship conflict means higher cortisol levels, more stress, less ability to focus on your career. In the midst of a struggling relationship, it is harder to find/be on your life purpose.
  4. Conflict distracts and detracts from your quality of life.
  5. You may feel consistent grief about your relationship not achieving its potential, or realizing the dreams you had when you began.
  6. Hard relationships impact your self-confidence.
  7. Your expression of your sexuality may be stunted, as well as not receiving the benefits that come from quality physical encounters with a trusted partner.

If you are in a relationship and struggling with sexual challenges and relationship tension, the Well Couple Course provides a clear path to a mutually satisfying relationship.

Unlike therapy that is costly and takes forever, or weekend workshops which are a temporary band-aid, our course provides structure, community and expert guidance.

The Well Couple Course is a foolproof relationship training course.

It’s the easiest way to learn to relate with less conflict, and more connection and fun. Period. With our system, you can’t fail, even if you are really stuck.

This course will take you step by step, from struggling couple to thriving partnership.

Don’t get us wrong; we know it takes years to get to a sustainable, sexy-on-purpose, peaceful and awesome long-term relationship.

But with The Well Couple Course, you’ll get the skills you need to…

✓ Move through conflict more effectively

✓ Bring your full self

✓ Communicate and have it actually work

✓ Team with your partner

✓ Heal and Repair

✓ Dream and tend the relationship you long for

✓ Develop a real-time mutually-satisfying shared sexual relationship, even if you are hopelessly stuck

The Well Couple Course is not a magic bullet — it’s an intelligently designed, meticulously crafted, relationship learning system that even the most stuck couples will succeed with.
Here’s why:


No confusion, no head scratching. Be coached every step of the way, with each lesson seamlessly building on the last.


You won’t be bored as you learn lots of tools and tricks that work in the real world, tested by many other couples.


No need to feel isolated in your relationship, as you take the course with other couples learning to thrive. In fact, the community is immensely important for you to have support from others like you who get it.


You won’t feel overwhelmed. You’ll feel motivated and energized with doable, bite-sized lessons.


Our secret weapon: Dr. Pavini Moray. If you are wanting to fast track your relationship learning, we’ve got you.

Pavini holds a Master’s degree in Education, and a Doctorate in Somatic Psychology. Pavini has been a successful somatic sex therapist in private practice and sex educator since 2011. Pavini has supported hundreds of clients and couples like you to redefine their sexual connections with each other and themselves.

Pavini is in a long-term thriving partnership with Ari.

The content in this course is tested in real relationship. Part of Pavini’s teaching style is to share about the joys and challenges of making it work with another human.

Real Results, Delivered

Don’t let the fact that our system is super easy fool you…

1. The Well-Couple Course is a fully comprehensive course with a fully structured curriculum.

You’ll get all the fundamentals, knowledge, techniques and skills you’ll need to be the real deal … not a dysfunctional couple that just plods along.

2. You will get better faster, because our system is built on the proven principles of Intentional Practice.

Intentional practice is when you work on an isolated skill, with specific techniques designed to get results.

The result? With The Well-Couple Course learning will be easier, quicker and more effective than with traditional learning.

3. The Well-Couple Course has been tried, tested, and proven. We developed and iterated it to ensure effective and rapid results.

Ready for a thriving relationship?

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“I had to give our relationship and me one more chance”

– Well Couple Graduate

Meet a real couple who went through our program. 

Let us introduce you to Deyan and Ira. They are a real-life couple we worked with (names are changed) who came to us at the verge of breaking up. They had stopped having sex, and were extremely frustrated in their relationship, even though they loved each other a lot.

We worked with them in private sessions for about a year.

Ultimately, using the skills and tools you get in the Well Couple Course, they were able to turn their relationship around, going from despair, anger and frustration (not to mention really low sex!) to a relationship that feels like home again to them both.

They’ve been able to come together again, with more realistic expectations, re-negotiated relationship agreements, and a sweet and kind vibe that is generous and caring. They each have better boundaries, and while they still have conflict (who doesn’t??) they have the skills to navigate it in ways that are constructive.

So how did they do that?

Deyan and Ira both showed up, even when it felt hard, and put effort into the process. They used course activities to gain a more accurate view of what was happening within themselves and their ways of relating. They identified patterns. They saw larger themes emerging, that tied all the way back to previous relationship dynamics, and even back to dynamics from their families of origin.

Together, they identified attachment styles, relationship and communication dynamics, needs and desires, sexual styles, skills for healthy conflict, and tools for repair. Through this work within a supportive container, Deyan and Ira were able to find their center, figure out sexuality that is co-created and works for both of them, and bring more tenderness to the relationship. Deyan and Ira successfully reinvented their relationship, ended toxic patterns and re-learned how to communicate in useful ways.

Happy endings aren’t random and elusive.

It is possible to create the love you desire by honing the skills and doing the work. Often we choose partners who fit both our strengths and our challenges. Lucky us! By showing up for the relationship work, we can live into our strengths and lean into our challenges.

A thriving relationship is within reach.

Hoping and praying things will shift doesn’t work. Therapy is expensive and takes a long time. This course gives you practical, actionable tools you can use right now to shift your relationship to the one you are longing for.

Intimacy. Connection. Communication. Empathy.

Course Curriculum:

Teaming Up for Togetherness
Finding Yourself in the midst of being a Couple
The Puzzle Pieces of Attachment
Needs and Desires: You, Me & Us
Shapes and Strategies
Upgrading Intimacy Beliefs
Skills for Healthy Conflict
The Repair-Kit of Love
Welcoming and Loving Our Taboo Topics
Processes of Arousal: What Happens and Why It’s Important
Dreaming, Tending and Co-Creating
Integration and Invitation to The Future Commitments

What you get:

✓ 1 whole year of effective and impactful relationship teachings, recorded so you have access anytime, forever

✓ 12 live classes where you will practice the skills you are learning, through fun games and activities

✓ 12 monthly integration sessions, to discuss your learning with your cohort and receive support

✓ 13 workbooks, recordings and transcripts, chock full of writing prompts, worksheets, and tools to take your relationship to the next level

✓ 1 year access to our Well Community: your cohort of supportive couples dealing with the same things you are. This means you are never alone on your path to thriving relationship

✓ 2 half-day relationship intensives, conducted online

✓ Optional in-person relationship retreat with Pavini

✓ Access to our fully-supported forum

✓ Hand-selected referrals to our relationship coaches, to deepen your practice

✓ Exclusive bonuses

Ready for a thriving relationship?

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“A desire to try something different to help our connection and continue to build better communication in our relationship”

– Well Couple Graduate

Fair warning:

Thriving relationships require investment.

Healthy relationships are worth their weight in gold: added longevity, mental acuity, creativity and satisfaction with life.

Here are few questions to ask yourself: 

What does a healthy relationship cost?

What does an unhealthy relationship cost?

What are you willing to invest for the sake of a thriving relationship?

What you put in is what you get out.

If you put in nothing, that’s exactly what you’ll get. But if you put in effort, time, and love, your relationship will receive all that back, and more. In the business world, this is called Return On Investment, or ROI, and it’s honestly just as true for relationships as it is for finances!

We invest in things that matter to us. However, few couples invest in their relationships! Why is that?

We take expensive vacations. Buy presents for each other. Invest in our personal therapy, our gym memberships, and wardrobes.

When we asked struggling couples how much they put in the annual budget for relationship skill development and support, the answer we got was between $0 and $100 per year! That’s less than a pair of tennis shoes!

And what costs (hidden and obvious) are you paying if you are in a less-than-thriving relationship?

Well, that marijuana/wine delivery service ain’t cheap! Humor aside, you are paying with your health. Your creativity. Your career is impacted. Your time is distracted. Your focus suffers.

Here’s how to apply:

The first step is to fill out the application below. If we believe you are a good match for The Well-Couple course, we will contact you to schedule a time to speak with us.

We want to hear about what’s going on for you and your partner, and make sure this program is the best fit for you. No hard sell. Just a listening conversation with lots of questions. At the end of the convo, we’ll let you know if we can help. That’s it.

Course starts: Late January, 2022 (1 year)
Live class time: Tuesdays at 6pm ET / 4pm PT

Begin Application

Frequenty Asked Questions

The group will be mixed age, mixed gender, mixed sexual orientation. It’s my best guess that most folks will be between 35-65. The group is explicitly welcoming to folks who are gender-blessed, queer, older, fat, disabled, single, POC, or in any way marginalized. If you have any hesitation about being in a group with any of these, please don’t apply.

Each month, you will come to class for 1-2 hours. The content will take you about 1 hour to listen to. The playbook worksheets are another 1 hour. You will have a 1-hour meeting with your partner weekly. I will suggest additional practice and reflection work for you to engage. These practices can be done once or many times. Some will be solo exercises and some will be partner work. So a monthly total of about 8-10 hours.

Live class attendance is required for this course. Being present and committed is a crucial part of the process.

No! The skills we are teaching are important ones for ALL relationships. You do need to have someone you are taking the course with, however.

No! Your tuition includes up to two students. You can take the course with a friend, sweetheart, or anyone at all who is willing to be a skills practice partner with you.

Content: Each month we work with a new topic. You will have access to the content (if you download it) forever.

The content contains an audio recording, a written transcript, and a workbook.

There are often supplementary materials such as playlists and readings. The workbook has a series of questions, suggestions and practices.

To prepare for the upcoming video meeting, please engage that content before we meet.

The workbooks, assignments and practices are for your support. The expectation is that you take what you need and leave the rest.

The content is in addition to our monthly live class, where you will get an opportunity to practice the skills, get feedback, and ask questions.

This is an intensive course. Prepare to spend 8-10 hours per month engaging with this course. We are serious about you getting the results you came for.

It is a requirement that you attend all classes. Don’t worry, we’ll offer this one again!

The retreat is an additional resource available to support your partnership. It will happen during the summer, with more info forthcoming. The retreat is at an additional cost, not included in your tuition.

If you have disability access needs, contact us before you take this course to discuss how we may be able to accommodate your needs.

We’d be happy to answer any further questions you may have! Email [email protected] to get in touch with us.


“We had been needing outside support for a long time with looking at our relationship and it was important to find someone trustworthy and solid who shared similar paradigms around queerness and gender expansiveness, spirituality, non-normative relationship models, and social justice. We have both been moved by Pavini’s other offerings and felt like it would be the right container to help us hold what has been too painful or confusing to hold alone. It was nice to feel certain going in that we would make sense to Pavini.”
Well Couple Graduate

“We were really struggling. Therapy was kind of stalled. I personally dreaded it every week b/c we weren’t doing any work outside of that hour, so it was hell. Ultimately, what made us decide was two-pronged. One: we were on the verge of throwing in the towel, so I think we both realized it was our last chance. Two: our couples therapist actually shared a Wellcelium webinar on repair (she is quite aware of how mightily we struggle here) and we both were like, “Oh, that’s everything our therapist has been saying, but soooo straightforward.” We liked Pavini’s teaching style, so we were hopeful that we would get a lot out of the class.”

Well Couple Graduate

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