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Muslims and Sexual Health: Exploring Islamic Perspectives

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Islam is the fastest growing religion in North America, yet continues to also be the most misunderstood. As a result, Muslims’ sexual health needs are not being met.

As is the case with other faith-based communities, Muslims’ needs around sexual health are not being met by abstinence-based or comprehensive sex education, since both tend to be void of values-based approaches that allow Muslims to learn and integrate information and skills as it pertains to their religious and intersectional identities.

Additionally, Muslim communities seeking health services are often misunderstood by service providers, whether due to implicit biases or misinformation, and as such, either delay care or decide not to access it.

There is keen interest from educators, therapists, and service providers to understand Islam from holistic, accurate perspectives, to better understand and serve Muslim populations.

Muslims deserve sexual health education and services that meet them where they are at and honors their values. They deserve to be seen and understood in the services and education that they seek.

This workshop will empower sex educators, counselors, therapists, and service providers with introductory information, skills, and resources geared towards understanding the nuanced needs of diverse Muslim communities.

Participants will dive into exploring sex and sexuality from holistic Islamic perspectives, that are free from orientalist and colonial influences.

Building on this, participants will learn about the needs of Muslim individuals and communities as it relates to values-based, comprehensive sex education.

And finally, participants will understand common issues facing Muslim individuals and communities related to sexual health, including trauma, sexual dysfunction, and sexual violence.

Taught by Sameera Qureshi, a Muslim educator who is passionate about the intersections of Islam, spirituality, and sexual health this workshop will offer:

  • Authentic Islamic perspectives that are taken directly from the spiritual history of the tradition

  • An understanding of values-based sexual health education, and practical examples of how to incorporate this lens

  • A deeper understanding of how Muslims may define their challenges related to sexual health, and approaches that can be used in therapeutic settings

Wellcelium Teacher Sameera Qureshi

“You were such an amazing presenter – we received rave reviews for you!”


Sameera Qureshi

Over the last twelve years of her professional career, Sameera has worked closely with Muslim communities (and professionals who serve them), developing and facilitating programs and curricula in the field of sexual health education.

She recently started Sexual Health for Muslims, to provide accessible and spiritually-grounded sexual health education for Muslims, from the comfort of their home (and hers!) – all through online platforms.

She also provides professional development training and consultation for service providers/organizations who work with Muslim clients in the field of sexual and/or mental health. Sameera is also a registered-yoga teacher and regularly facilitates online classes, including trauma-informed for those who identify as Muslim women.

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