Pleasure on Purpose

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April 30 – May 10, 2020


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Join us in celebrating love, the erotic, and the power of community. We are delighted to offer free events, unique workshops, and pleasure-filled ceremonies. From the live performance Bodyrotic: Online Salon Celebrating Embodied Eros to a guided Sexy Self-Date, this celebration is full of experiences crafted to bring you connection and joy.

Below you will find the complete schedule of events, please sign up to join us in this extravaganza of pleasure.

Come, all lovers, and help us with our mission to spread pleasure, on purpose!

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Launch Celebration Events

Bodyrotic performer Verone Bright
Performer Verone Bright

Bodyrotic: Online Salon Celebrating Embodied Eros

In this time of cultural intensity, our sexy revolutionary spirits shall not be malnourished! This is the moment to tend to bodies, and erotic aliveness. This is the moment for art to be our medicine. This is the moment to be connected, AND breathe into our sexual selves that want us to FEEL.

Bodyrotic features erotic poets, sexy storytellers, singer-songwriters, dancers and other performers for whom the expression of Eros is central to their art. A cross between an open-mic and a burlesque carnival of delight, we seek to elevate the body and its expressions in a unique, online environment.

Date: Thursday, April 30
Time: 8pm-10pm EDT
All events are by donation!

Join the salon of Eros!
Bodyrotic performer Pup Zorrito
Bodyrotic performer Carissa Spada
Bodyrotic performer Verone Bright
Ophilia Mandara
Bodyrotic performer Askew DeLites
Beyond Nudity
Katie Sarra
And More!

Luscious Lounge: A virtual erotic Beltane retreat for couples of all stripes

With so much time at home in pj’s, you might be finding feeling and being sexy a challenge!

In this special retreat, you and your partner will be led through a variety of facilitated explorations that help you feel into your own erotic self, and then share it with each other. Don’t worry, you’ll have off-camera privacy, so you can go as far as you both want. This retreat can help build up the passion between you again!

Date: Saturday, May 2
Time: 3pm-6pm EDT
All events are by donation!

Light the candles, I’m in!

Savor Salon: A virtual sexy self-love date for singles or those isolated from their lovers

Ready to spend a little one-on-one time with your sexy self? This special event is designed for the solo lover, to help you reconnect and deepen your own experience of embodied eroticism.

You’ll be gently guided through off-camera pleasure practices, and supported as you explore the delight available in your own touch.

Date: Tuesday, May 5
Time: 8pm EDT
All events are by donation!

Say YES to self-love!

Performing Eros: Exhibition & Voyeurism Through a Tantrik Lens

Join TT Baum in a virtual erotic temple where we will explore penetrative and receptive energetic states together. Dive into your inner exhibitionist and voyeur through a tantric lens.

Discover how bringing consciousness to the ways in which we display our eros and receive that gift from each other can support your erotic bodies during these times of isolation.

During this event you’ll get used to being erotic on camera, learn how to play with penetrative and receptive energy virtually, and examine multiple reality states of embodiment and how it enhances your eros.

Date: Friday, May 8
Time: 9-10pm EDT
All events are by donation!

Step into the erotic temple

Come Together: A sacred communal masturbation ritual

A communal masturbation rite can be an incredibly potent experience in a journey of erotic liberation. There is something magical about self-pleasuring while in the presence of others (even if they are off-screen) that reclaims the sacredness of masturbation, dissipates shame, and creates a greater sense of personal sexual freedom.

In this event, you will be gently guided through a self-pleasure practice that helps you set an intention, and use your sexual energy to boost your intention. You will have off-camera privacy.

Date: Sunday, May 10
Time: 5pm EST
All events are by donation!

I’m coming to this one!

Lightning in a Bottle: Conscious Masturbation for All Bodies

Lightning in a Bottle is an opportunity to bring awareness to our bodies in varying erotic states, notice what happened at the moment of orgasm and redirect and prolong that energy for extended periods of time. You can expect:

• A dialogue about agreements and building our container
• A guided masturbation-meditation
• An introduction to Tantric tools for focusing attention on your desire and pleasure
• Instruction on pausing and moving orgasmic energy in the body
• Time to reflect, and plant the seeds to build your own practice.

Date: Friday, May 15
Time: 9-10:30pm EDT
All events are by donation!

Yes, yes, yes!
Bonus: join us for our free monthly webinar!

Wild Love: Opening to receive

taught by Dr. Pavini Moray
May 7, 2020
12pm EST / 9am PST

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